About Membership

Why should I choose Virtue Medical as my medical home?

Virtue Medical focuses on accessible care with high quality. Evidence-based guidelines mean patients receive the best care practices from the start. Services provided go beyond typical primary care, with more to be added as the clinic grows. Patients (members) will always receive discounts for services, including aesthetics.

How many visits can I have?

There are no limitations to the number of visits a member can have. If you need to be seen daily, your membership pays for that, whether in-office or not.

What do I do if I need to contact you and I'm out of the area?

Not a problem! Just call or text! As a patient of the clinic, you will still have 24/7 access to your physician’s personal phone. Medication, if needed, can be sent to the closest pharmacy of your choice, wherever you are!

How do I become a member?

Registration is open, and you won’t pay anything until June 1st. There is a one-time registration fee of $35. After registration, you will be billed your monthly membership rate on the 1st day of every month. To register, click here.

Insurance Questions

Do you ever bill insurance of any kind?

No. When the focus is truly on the patient, the insurance company takes a back seat. That’s because your doctor works with you to make a treatment plan, rather than your insurance interrupting your care. What’s best for you shouldn’t cost what insurance companies think they’re worth.

What do I do if I have Medicare Insurance?

Unfortunately, Medicare carriers cannot become members until July 1, 2020. However, if you register now, we will reserve your membership spot. Dr. Sharky will not be able to provide care between now and then, however you are free to email, call, or text him with any questions. Contact Dr. Sharky here.

Should I keep my insurance and/or buy insurance for coverage?

Unfortunately, yes. While Virtue Medical doesn’t bill insurance, most specialty providers, hospitals, and ER’s can be pretty costly without insurance. There’s no need to change your insurance, and I recommend at least a major medical plan with a high deductible, or a cost-sharing plan (Liberty HealthShare, Christian Healthcare Ministry, etc), should specialty care or hospital-based care become necessary.

Office Policies and Procedures

How do I get my labs done?

Using either Labcorp or Quest, most labs are around $5-10 each. A general physical labwork consists of a CBC, CMP, FLP, A1c, and a urinalysis. For now, labs are done outside of the clinic (there are several nearby). As soon as possible, in-house labs will be available so you can do them before you leave. If it’s cheaper to use your insurance – that’s fine too!

Where do I go for my X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, PET Scan, DEX Scan, etc.?

Imaging is usually done at Diagnostic Imaging Centers, at a steep discount price. Again, if your insurance makes it cheaper than their discounted price, that’s always okay!

How do I get scheduled with a specialist if needed?

Just as any other doctor can set you up with a specialist, so can we! We have the time to get that all sorted out. The goal is that you’ll leave with all t’s crossed and i’s dotted. Any to-do item usually gets addressed during the appointment.

How do I get my medical records over to you?

We can get those requested through the practice. All it requires is faxing over a request, and within a week (depending on your previous provider or clinic) we should be able to get them.

My family/friend/etc. isn't a member but I am. Can I ask you medical questions about them?

While a quick question or vaguely conversing about friends and family is fine, I cannot provide in-depth medical care or advice to non-members without a charge. I also do not take call for non-members at this time. See the PRICING page for more information.

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