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A physical exam can provide answers to all of the questions you have about your current health and functioning. At Virtue Medical in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Chad Sharky, DO and his team perform physical exams for boy scouts, athletes, and anyone else who prioritizes preventive care. To reserve an appointment for your next physical exam, call Virtue Medical, or book online today.

Physical Exam Q & A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is usually a routine visit to your primary care physician. It’s an important part of preventive care. You might also get a standard physical exam as part of a diagnostic or follow-up appointment.

At Virtue Medical, members of all ages can attend regular physical exams. A few common components of a standard physical exam are:

  • Blood pressure reading
  • Heart rate check
  • Skin examination
  • Touching (palpating) to feel for organ abnormalities
  • Motor function and reflex tests
  • Eyes, nose, and throat examination

Your physical exams might include additional components depending on your gender, age, and other factors. The appointment typically starts with a discussion about your health and lifestyle, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask your provider questions about any concerns you have related to your health. 

What is the purpose of a physical exam?

The main purpose of a physical exam is for your physician to obtain a comprehensive idea of your physical health. Physical exams also help physicians find early signs of disease and injury that you might not have noticed yourself because of a lack of symptoms. If your provider identifies a potential complication, they can start testing and treatment right away.

Virtue Medical offers several specific types of physical exams for various other purposes, including:

Yearly physical exams with electrocardiogram (EKG)

If you haven’t already, you should make sure that yearly physical exams are part of your preventive health care routine. EKG, included in yearly physicals at Virtue Medical, is a test to record the electrical impulses of your heart as it beats. 

Sports physicals

Schools and sports organizations often require you to get a physical exam as a requirement for your participation. Your provider assesses you to make sure that you can play your sport of choice without compromising your health. 

Boy Scout physicals

The Boy Scouts of America requires all boy scouts to get a physical exam to be able to participate in certain activities with the organization.

How often should I get physical exams?

Ideally, physical examinations should happen once a year. Just like your six-month visits to your dentist, an annual physical exam is important for checking in on your health and functioning. 

Additionally, annual physical exams allow you and your provider at Virtue Medical to track your health over time. This makes it easier to identify early signs of health complications due to trends and changes in your health. 

In some cases, physical exams should happen more than once a year. If your provider feels that you’d benefit from more frequent physical exams, they let you know why during your appointment and how additional physical exams might help you.

As a member of Virtue Medical, you may be able to partake in a basic physical exam from the comfort of your home with telemedicine or home visits.
To book a physical exam for yourself or a family member, call Virtue Medical, or request an appointment online today.