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Welcome to Virtue Medical, your dedicated healthcare partner specializing in addressing your unique medical needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance your quality of life and promote optimal health.
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We offer more than direct primary care, these services are available without needing a membership. Contact us today to learn more!
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Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy refers to the use of medications or treatments to modify hormone levels in the body. It is often employed as a treatment option for various conditions related to hormonal imbalances.

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Hormone Therapy
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TED Hair Restoration

TED Hair Restoration is a leading provider of innovative hair restoration solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping individuals regain their confidence and restore their hair to its fullest potential.

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Hair Restoration
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Weight Management

Weight Loss Management is much more than just looking your best. At Virtue Medical, we're dedicated to total body health, which includes prevention and management of disease along with an emphasis on your quality of life.

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Weight Management
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Alma Duo
Sexual Wellness

DUO Sexual Wellness is a brand dedicated to promoting and enhancing sexual well-being. With a focus on creating products that encourage intimacy, pleasure, and overall satisfaction.

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Sexual Wellness
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Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care eliminates many of the barriers found in typical primary care clinics. Bypassing insurance limitations (coverage for medications, therapy, or not paying for care at all in some cases) allows us the opportunity provide efficient, reliable medical care.  There's also plenty of time to make sure your questions get answered.

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Meet Dr. Sharky

Chad Sharky, DO, was born and raised in eastern Kansas City. After attending the University of Missouri and completing medical school at KCU. Dr. Sharky completed family medicine residency training through UMKC at University Health (formerly Truman).

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