At Virtue Medical, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, comprehensive family medicine and primary care means common-sense, straightforward care for everyone. For owner Chad Sharky, DO, and the team, availability and quality care are a priority from the start to finish.

Dr. Sharky was born and raised in eastern Jackson County, having completed high school in Blue Springs. He studied biology at the University of Missouri. He researched the Doctor of Osteopathy profession, which led to a certainty that this medical profession was exactly the path I was looking for. And so, after his college years, he decided to apply, and was gratefully accepted into the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. After four intense years of studying, he graduated with my DO in 2010.

His philosophy of care is based on this general philosophy: We are only given so much time to be here, but nobody knows when that time will end. While each of us is here, we want to have as many good days and experiences as we can. Dr. Sharky’s goal in providing care is to try to keep people as healthy, if not healthier, as much as we (the patient and I working together) can, with respect to that person’s quality of life. The better we all work together, the happier we will be. Using quality resources around us as a community provides the primer for the best possible care. Efficient care then becomes a quality standard. And that’s where the “virtue” in Virtue Medical comes from – the highest moral standards of genuine quality care.

Unlike most primary care offices, this model isn’t influenced by insurance companies, boxed-in administrative contracts, investors, or “big pharma.” This means fewer delays in care, fewer requirements and red tape, and far fewer pitfalls while delivering optimal care. Direct Primary Care is an answer to the changes needed in modern medicine. As a model where insurance and administrative clout are sidelined, and instead the needs of the patient become the focus in care, DPC offers exactly what a doctor needs to be his or her best version of a physician.

As a startup, membership-based medical clinic, Virtue Medical services, including physical exams, weight loss consultations, urgent care needs, and chronic disease management, will be guided by patient needs. The principal focus is on high-quality care, and access to your provider at any time—day, night, weekend, holiday, or otherwise. Dr. Sharky’s past experience in the medical field as a chief resident, community physician, hospice director, urgent care provider, and a sideline physician has given him the knowledge and know-how to build a comprehensive medical practice. And he sincerely hopes you’ll join him in his mission as well.

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