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    ⎈ No rushed visits ⎈ Improved availability ⎈ Same/next day appointments ⎈ Direct access to provider via text/email ⎈ Affordable memberships ⎈ Family discounts ⎈ No long-term commitments ⎈ Transparent pricing & discounts ⎈

    Direct Primary Care is a type of medical care that eliminates most of the barriers found in the "fee-for-service" insurance-based models of care. By bypassing the insurance industry's often unnecessary and frequently dangerous limitations (prior authorizations, requirements to fail medications, deciding not to pay for labs or images obtained), DPC can get you to a diagnosis and a treatment plan faster, with more time to make sure your questions get answered. It's also important to note that if you do happen to carry insurance, that you can always use your insurance for any orders outside of the clinic that forego the discounts available.
    Rather than limited access to your provider, we believe in much more efficient methods of patient-provider contact, such as texting or emailing your provider - directly - when you have questions that you need answered either quickly, or in a day or two; not weeks later.
    We also believe in price transparency. When you use the discounts we have available, you not only save where it's convenient for you to save - you also know exactly the cost of your labs, images, medications, equipment, etc. Below are a few examples of ways we can save you money in medical care:


    At Virtue Medical, we carry common prescriptions for blood pressure control, diabetes, infections, arthritis, and much more in our on-site pharmacy. We often keep prices lower than GoodRx©.

    If you're paying too much for your medications, we want to help you find a solution. Whether it's through our pharmacy or yours, we'll work with you to find the best price.


    Local well-known imaging centers provide substantial discounts on imaging. While you can always use your insurance carrier to obtain imaging, there's a very good chance we can beat your costs. Virtue Medical is teamed up with .

    Whether you need an X-ray, Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, Mammogram, Bone Density Study, or a Cardioscan/Calcium Score, we can give you a price before you get your imaging completed!

    Blood tests/labs

    Virtue Medical works with LabCorp to provide extremely low-cost labs. Most labs cost around $5, and a routine physical currently costs around $25.

    Just as with prescriptions and imaging, we can always provide you with upfront costs to help you decide how to go about blood/urine testing!

    What's the cost of a membership?

    One-time per family registration of $35. Monthly membership rates depend on age, and are as follows:

    Ages 0-19: $10 if a parent is also a member, otherwise $30

    Ages 20-39: $60, Ages 40-64: $90, and Ages 65+: $120.

    Registration fee is $35 per family, 10% off for families of 4 or more, and cancellation is free.

    No extra cost per visit as a member. Families of 4 or more receive a 10% discount off of family total.

  • Here's an example of the common insurance model:

    And this is the same scenario but instead using DPC


    Chad Sharky, DO

    Owner of Virtue Medical

    Chad Sharky, DO, was born and raised in the eastern Kansas City area. After attending the University of Missouri - Columbia, and completing medical school at KCU, Dr. Sharky then completed his family medicine residency through UMKC. As a primary care provider, Dr. Sharky enjoys providing a wide range of services including procedures. He is board-certified in family medicine, a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and also a member of the Direct Primary Care Alliance (DPCA).

    Jennifer Allen, NP

    CEO of Revive Skin & Body

    Jennifer Allen is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner with a background in Emergency Medicine. Her experience in the ER has given her the skills to develop an advanced proficiency in aesthetics and wellness. She believes an integral part of quality of life is often linked to a person's satisfaction with the skin and body they're in. At Revive Skin & Body, Jen and her team assess not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also a total wellness standpoint. From aesthetics to skincare, wellness, sexual health, weight management, and more, Jen enjoys learning the needs and desires of each patient. It's her personal mission to create a personalized approach to help you look & feel the way you want to look & feel!



    Hormone Therapy

    Improve your energy, stamina, cognition, and live your best life!

    Designed for men and women, with optimization that targets symptomatic control while closely monitoring blood levels on a regular basis. Topical, injectable, pellet therapies available.

    Weight Management

    Drop the excess weight, and keep yourself healthy!

    We approach weight loss starting with long-term goals and expectations instead of a "catch-and-release" plan. Get through the barriers, plateaus, and other pitfalls of weight loss failure with a with a variety of weight loss modalities


    Level up your health plan, and keep yourself at goal!

    Whether by vitamin/supplement therapies, peptide therapies, PRP injections, or limiting the aging process through newer, advanced therapies, we can guide you through a detailed approach that helps you stay on track to maximize your overall health and sustain your goals!


    Revive Skin & Body

    We are now offering laser hair removal, IPL/BBL treatments, and skin tightening with state-of-the-art professional tools by InMode, a leader in the aesthetics market.

    Skin Care

    Skin Care products from ZO (online store coming soon!)

    High-grade professional products sold here through Revive Skin & Body. From skin protection to correction, exfoliating agents, anti-aging kits, acne treatments, and other professional-grade therapies to keep your skin healthy and young!

    Sexual Health

    Stop telling yourself this isn't important!

    Improve libido, erectile dysfunction, satisfaction with sex, and decrease pain. Medication management and procedural therapies are available here!