• Frequently Asked Questions

    Under Construction, but we're updating this page continuously - if there's a question unanswered, please contact us and we will be happy to get back with you!

    Do you take insurance?

    No, and we don't have any desire to reconsider taking insurance at this time. We believe that insurance companies shouldn't dictate your medical care or deny coverage for imaging, medications, labwork, procedures, or consultations. Unfortunately it's become commonplace for insurance companies to create more barriers to care than access, particularly in primary care. For those with Medicare or Medicaid, a separate contract is required, stating we at Virtue Medical won't bill your insurance, AND that the Medicare or Medicaid recipient won't bill for their services either.

    Can I use my insurance for labs / imaging / prescriptions / consultations / equipment / etc.?

    Of course! In fact, in some instances, using your insurance makes more sense cost-wise. For example, some insurance policies cover annual wellness labs, preventative medications, or other services. It's important to understand your insurance to know where you can get the best deal possible.

    How do I contact my provider?

    Your provider is available 24/7. The only time your provider is NOT available is when they are on vacation or have an emergency. In this case, a backup will be available. Members have exclusive access to their provider by email and phone.

    What's the difference between DPC and any other primary care?

    DPC focuses on quality and availability. This is managed by limiting the total number of patients we take so we can efficiently offer these needs. It helps that we aren't driven by codes that drive up costs of care, unlike traditional or hospital-based clinics. This means we don't have to limit you to a "set number of complaints" you're allowed to discuss, or have a rushed appointment. Our patients enjoy an hour-long appointment, so there's plenty of time for discussion. Access to your provider by text and email gives another dimension to care so that you and your provider can work together quickly, rather than punt your care until you make an appointment weeks, even months away.

    What if I want to cancel my membership?

    We always want what's best for our members, and we strive to do our best at Virtue Medical. While we never like to see a member go, thankfully it's pretty rare that we see people cancel their membership. Nonetheless, we make cancelling a very simple process - members just need to let us know via email, regular mail, or in-person. Cancellation is completely free, and does not require any explanation (we would like to know why, but we leave that up to the person cancelling to tell us, if they want to).

    Do you see/charge patients on a visit-by-visit basis rather than charge a monthly fee?

    No. We will see patients for urgent care matters, where charges apply based on acuity of care and procedures performed, if any. Cost for urgent care visits start at $150, and they do not guarantee any emails or text messages to be answered by the provider who saw them for the urgent care visit. Urgent care visits do not come with any established discounts available to members.