• Dr. Sharky's Common Recommendations


    1. NAD+ supplements - TruNiagen, NMN supplements

    --> NAD+ has been tested in rats and seems to improve blood vessel maintenance (and new blood vessel growth) in multiple tissues

    --> Rats who were supplemented with NAD+ were found to have better memory function and better physical stamina

    I recommend this supplement particularly to those who are experiencing "long-COVID" symptoms, in addition to patients who experience chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction


    2. Resveratrol

    --> Found in red wine, peanuts, rhubarb, grapes, and peanuts

    --> antioxidant, may reduce risk of heart disease and improve blood flow

    --> Found to have benefits regarding longevity


    3. Vitamin D + Calcium

    --> Recommended in all women after the age of 25 (if not sooner) - 800IU of Vitamin D, and 1000mg of calcium


    4. Vitamin D3

    --> Large majority of people are vitamin D deficient. D3 provides the greatest amount of vitamin D that the body can utilize